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Eucrisa: Successful treatment of eczema without steroids?

The FDA approved topical crisaborole ointment ( Eucrisa) for mild to moderate atopic dermatitis in December 2016. This drug hit the shelves this February 6th! This is an...

Dear Santa: Top 10 skin care gifts under $35!

Need help with Christmas shopping ideas? We've made a list of must have skin products to help enhance your beauty and skin health this holiday season for $35 or less...

Viviscal Hair Growth Supplement: Does the science support it?

Viviscal is an oral dietary supplement for hair growth that promotes and exclusive shark-derived compound called marine complex. AminoMar is Viviscal's registered name of this marine complex and include horsetail extract and silica, which help facilitate uptake of protein molecules. Does the science demonstrate the efficacy of marine complex hair growth?