Valentine's Day: Invest in your well-being through simple action.

Just as caring for your skin is an investment, so is taking care of your inner well-being. Invest in yourself today and consider doing even one of these ten simple things. This investment may be a gift to yourself or an indirect gift to someone else.

1. Get or give a massage.
2. Spend some time alone and just reflect on what makes you happy.
3. Call and talk to a friend who you miss and want to catch up with. If you reach a voicemail, leave a message telling the friend the reason for your call.
4. If able, go for a walk or a run to invigorate your body.
5. Say, "I love you" to at least one person to whom you truly mean it.
6. Listen to a funny joke and laugh out loud.
7. If you have a child, hug them and tell them that you want to help them have a good life.
8. Read a chapter of your favorite book to remind you of why you like it so much.
9. Hold the door open for someone coming in behind you.
10. Choose to do one thing today for someone else without them knowing.