Spring into action this April!

To care for our skin and bodies means that we also need to care for our minds. Millions of people feel crippled or paralyzed by mental distress or disease.  As Shirzad Chamine explains in the book Positive Intelligence, our minds can be our best friend (a source of motivation, creativity, compassion) or our worst enemy (self-sabotager, negative thinking). While anxiety, fear, depression, or simply a sense of being overwhelmed by life may have direct consequences on work, relationships, and decision-making, these forms of mental strife may also indirectly lead you to neglect your skin, hygiene, diet, and commitment to physical activity.

This Spring, as another cycle of life begins, commit to addressing any mental discord that may be keeping you from fully caring for your self and your skin. This means you might have to make changes that you hold yourself accountable for, seek guidance from a loved one or medical professional, or consider personal development resources if you want to address things privately. TheSkinCode aims to spring into action with you and wants to positively engage you to love your skin and obtain wellbeing.